Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church - Kegogi

Kenya, East Africa

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Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church - Kegogi - Kenya, East Africa

The first leadership began with Pastor Charles (seen standing above). The torch has since been passed on to our current Pastor, Humprey Ochwoga. Pastor Humprey is married to Risper Kwamboka. They have four children: Davinah Mong’ina, Emmanuel Nyambato, Bivouac Omenta and Cynthia Bosibori (pictured below - left is Pastor Fred W. Coit of Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church, USA, Pastor Humprey and his family and on the immediate right is our first missionary from RMBC, USA - Rev. Dr. Lillie A. Burgess, one of our associate ministers.)

RMBC Kegogi now has a fully enclosed structure and a growing congregation. There is still much work to be done! Our 2018 missionary team, which consisted of our RMBC, USA Pastor, Rev. Fred W. Coit, was able to donate more chairs for the pulpit and congregation area. The Church will continue to grow and each year we will send teams to teach and be taught.

Pastor Charles

RMBC Kegogi's humble beginnings started in 2015. All that stood was a metal structure, dirt floors and no windows. However, a faithful few saw the need to start a church in that area where there was none. So with determination and a heart to reach others for Christ, the faithful continued until there were chairs, a stone floor, windows and doors.

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Pastor Charles